Qualität, Gesundheit und Genuss

Der Mensch im Mittelpunkt


«Wertschätzung ist die Grundlage gesunder Wertschöpfung»

Marouf Ahmadi

CEO und CO-FOunder
SHARBAT ist ein Familienprojekt, das von Marouf Ahmadi, Gründer und CEO der 7 DAY-SHOP AG, ins Leben gerufen wurde. Dank einem grossen Netzwerk und vielseitiger Arbeitserfahrung werden nachvollziehbare Lieferketten und faire Bedingungen für alle Beteiligten gewährleistet.

Die Wurzeln von SHARBAT liegen in der uralten Tradition des Geniessens.

Unsere neue Getränkemarke SHARBAT leitet ihren Namen von einem traditionellen persischen Getränk ab.

Unser Team

Marouf Ahmadi

Ceo und Co-founder
Stewart Cameron oversees our daily winery operations and is involved in all facets of winemaking at Notch along with Director of Winemaking Mike Sinor. After studying cellular and molecular biology in college, Stewart moved to San Luis Obispo. Here, found himself drawn to the wine industry. He caught the winemaking bug while working in a winery lab in Paso Robles, and he later joined Notch in 2006. He worked his way up to the position of assistant winemaker and was promoted to winemaker in 2013, demonstrating an innate talent for winemaking along the way.

Vorname Nachname

Jaime Muniz has been working at Santa Margarita Ranch since the first grapes were planted in 1999. Jaime is a longtime Central Coast resident and a graduate from  Paso Robles High School. When Notch co-owner and viticulturist Doug Filipponi took over vineyard operations in 2005, Jaime’s hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed. A year later, Jaime was promoted to assistant vineyard manager and then to vineyard manager in 2009. “I’m always pushing hard, and I never stop learning,” he says. “I love working for a family-owned operation that is dedicated to quality.”

Vorname Nachname

Mike Sinor is recognized as one of the Central Coast’s highest-rated winemakers. His winemaking career on the Central Coast spans more than 20 years. At Notch Winery, Mike directs the quality and style of the wines, and he also oversees viticultural practices at the winery’s estate Margarita Vineyard. His first complete vintage with Notch was 2006. “The opportunity to work with Margarita Vineyard is what really drew me to Notch,” Mike says. “The growing conditions here are remarkable—and that’s something I’m driven to reflect in the wines of Notch.”


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